Living History

Reenacting history involves the arts and historical research. We re-create the clothes and objects from the past. I have participated in Roman to WWII events in North America and Europe. The most fun is meeting the many interesting and talented people. Below are photos and information showing my reenactment groups and uniforms.

English Civil War 1645 - Pike & Shot Era
Wheel lock Pikeman Musketeer
French & Indian War 1760 - 63


77th Montgomerie's Highlanders
- 1762
During the French and Indian War in America, the Highlanders served with the colonists and as part of the British army to fight the French. These soldiers wore blue bonnets with a bear hackle and the Black Watch tartan kilt. They were armed with the Brown Bess .75 caliber smoothbore musket. After the war many highlanders were awarded land in America and stayed.
Napoleonic Era 1896 - 1812

Imperial Guard in bearskin, Dragoon, Captain of Chasseur de Cheval (note the gold bullion!)

French Napoleon Soldier - 1800
Early uniform with long turn backs and bicorn. I made this uniform to wear in Italy at the Battle of Marengo reenactment 2000. This is the style of French Line uniform about 1800. It has long pinned back tails and high v-cut in the front. A bicorn is the proper chapeau and over the knee gaiters the norm. After 1800 the turn back tails became smaller and fake. The v- front came together into a coatee. The tall peaked shako with chin scales replaced the bicorn.

Young Napoleon (in his favorite green chasseur uniform)

     British forces at a Southern CA Anza event

Battle of Leipzig was Napoleon's 1st defeat & exile. I participated in a huge reenactment on the battlefield near Leipzig, Germany.Leipzig is in former East Germany. It was an important medieval trading city with a large square and trades house. Nearby, the battle of Lutzen was fought where King Gustof of Sweden was killed in the 30 Years War.
The defeat of Napoleon was called the Battle of Nations. There is a huge dark Teutonic monument to the battle in Leipzig. We participated in a memorial service for the fallen at the monument.

Civil War Era 1861 - 65

Russ as Sharpshooter

1st U.S.SharpShooters (The Berdans) - 1863
The dark green color of the Sharpshooter uniform is based on the traditional  European green sharpshooter light troops. Hiram Berdan promoted the creation of the Union army sharpshooter regiments and armed them with the latest breech loading .52 cal. Sharps rifle. Shooters from the northern states completed to be eligible to join. Each applicant had to put 10 shots in a 10 inch circle at a rest at 200 yards or 10 shots off hand at a 10 inch circle, 100 yards with NO misses.  The regiments were used as sk
irmishers and snipers.

Al Ballard

Civil War living history photos

Antietam or Sharpsburg battle reenactment in Virginia. There were over 17,000 reenactors!
It was the largest and most exciting event I've attended.

Spanish American War 1898

The U.S. defeated the Spanish in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.

Bob & Curt -
US Soldiers
  Fighting for Spain!
World War II The Russian Front 1941 - 45

Jeff, Lisa, Jim, me as 49th Soviet Guard WWII

The USSR employed women in all the combat roles.
Russia's most famous woman soldier was Lyudmila Pavlichenko. 
Invading the Soviet Union was Hitler's biggest mistake.

Ancient World - Rome 30 AD


Roman  - 1st c. AD