Military Miniatures

These are military miniature figures from all eras. I have painted them in high detail with acrylics or oils.  (I've run out of space and need to sell them.) Each figure has given me weeks of enjoyment to paint. They are in 54mm (3 inches) to 120mm (5 inches) sizes. They are assembled from kits of resin or metal parts and painted. They are mounted on scenic bases made of wood, resin, or  metal. These figures are extremely accurate and detailed. They very handsome and collectable.  Contact:
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Winner in the Silicon Valley Scale Model Show!

Viking Chief
120mm, metal, (Andrea)

Civil War Figures

Stonewall Jackson
Civil War


General Grant

Civil War
120mm (Verlinden)

  79th NY Highlanders
Civil War
Blackhat.jpg (10181 bytes) Black Hat 54mm, metal, (Shenandoah)
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