These are all 'real' swords - some are original, most are not. None of them have been used, so the blades are in excellent shape. No Global Shipments.
Patton Sword marked 1914 Original - $750
U.S. Cavalry Sword, Model 1913, is also known as a "Patton" Sword. The blade is in very good condition with no nicks, no sharpening with clear marks on both sides. The hand guard is large heavy sheet of steel molded in a basket form and is not bent or dented. There is chipped paint on it and on the original scabbard. No tears on the canvas or missing pieces - it is in very good condition too. 35 1/4" blade, 43 3/4" overall

Cavalry sword Guarde du Corps- $450 - repro
You will not find this sword anywhere else today.

straight blade, etched with a R F, silvered basket hilt, with leather and silvered scabbard
Blade: 35 3/4" Overall: 42 1/2"
Below is a B&W picture is of an original - Guarde du Corps

Civil War Union Staff Officer's Sword - $200
Blade: 31", Overall: 36" Beautiful blade etched with foliage, military trophies, and "U.S." and "E Pluribus Unum, " and "Iron Proof."US in the guard too! Scabbard is blue steel.
Hand forged blades are British military spec steel that will flex and return to true.
Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.
Gold officer's sword knot $30
Civil War Union Artillery Officer's Saber - repro NFS

Blade: 32" Overall: 37 3/4"

Napoleonic French Infantry Officer's Sabre.  $350 - repro
This sword was carried by officers serving in the Grenadier, Voltigeur, Carabinier and Chasseur companies of Napoleon's infantry. While they varied somewhat in pattern, this particular example is one of the more elegant. Note the properly engraved blade with laurels and trophies, the ebony-like grip, and the finely caste pommel and D-guard.  Even the scabbard shows attention to detail with tooling marks on the leather, and engraved lines on the brass mountings
Scottish Broadsword (repro made in US) - $495
Leather & steel scabbard
Blade: 33", Overall: 39 1/2"
Rapier - $200 repro
Blade is a.k.a Schlager (oval)
No Scabbard Blade: 34 1/2", Overall 41 1/2"

English Mortuary Sword - $295 repro
Black leather handle with sculpted nickel silver finish iron basket guard. Black leather scabbard with nickel silver finish metal tip and throat. Blade: 32 1/4", Overall: 39 1/2"
Napoleonic Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre. (butcher blade) $350 repro

This is a beautiful sword with its wide sweeping blade and stirrup grip.  It was indeed an extremely effective cutting sabre, so much so that the Prussians adopted it near the end of the Napoleonic wars.  It also found favor with the United States. The US dragoon pattern for the War of 1812 was identical to this sword except the scabbard was blackened. This said it is most famous for its use by Britain's light dragoons and hussars in the Peninsular war and the Battle of Waterloo.  

The steel hilt of the reproduction is very well executed with smooth junctions.  The black leather grip has very well defined ribbing making it a superior copy.   The smart-looking 33 inch blade is made of high carbon "spring" steel.  This sword comes with a well-constructed steel scabbard with two suspension rings. 

French Lt. Sword - $299 repro
31 1/2" overall, 26 3/4" blade, etched, gold & blued**, with scabbard
Gladius - $249 repro
27 1/4" overall, 20 1/2" blade, 2 7/8" widest at top
wood & faux ivory handle, wood scabbard covered with leather & brass embossed panels.
I gave it a better worn look and feel by adding brass wire and color to the handle, antiqued the scabbard and put a satin finish on the blade. Never been nicked - a show piece.